Timoney Quality Consultants  was  established by  Gerardine Timoney into  2006  to provide a comprehensive  results  orientated Quality (Assurance and Control)  Compliant service  to the Pharmacecutical, Biopharmaceutical  and Medical Device  Manufacturing Industries .

Having in excess of  25 years Quality Management experience within these Regulated Industries,Timoney Quality Consultants  have extensive knowledge  and understanding of the Regulatory and Quality ( GMP) needs of its Clients. We are committed to providing customized solutions to our Clients  via consultancy, coaching staff or contract management for small and large scale projects to deliver client goals, e.g. business improvements,cost reductions, product registrations to the relevant Regulatory Authorities e.g. FDA /IMB and various Notified Bodies .

We provide a range of Consultancy services to ensure your facility is in compliance with the relevant EU and FDA Regulatory Bodies .Examples of these  services include :